Aplication to Berghs School of Communication - Digital Creative

Creative task: Golden Oldie. Revive and relaunch a forgotten or dead brand and make it up-to-date. 
Blockbuster. Back - and into the future. 
The Blockbusters stores rapidly disappeared when video stores was exchanged for digital video libraries and subscriptions. When competitors like Netflix stepped into the digital era Blockbuster was forgotten. We found new ways to consume movies and tv series. How can Blockbuster revive their brand and take a the leap into the future? 
I found that we miss something when we browse through the same Netflix library everyday. We miss the way that we used to stroll through the video store. To discuss the different covers and check out all the shelfs before we choose the movie of the night. How can Blockbuster bring back the video store that we miss - and at the same time take a big leap into the future? Introducing the virtual video store. With VR technology the Blockbuster users can step into the video store of their child hood again. Blockbuster brings back the video store through the latest innovation - and they bring it to your living room.

To launch the resurection of Blockbuster people will be able to try the virtual video store in the streets and at bus stops. Banners will show a navigable virtual video store in a 360 panorama view. Blockbusters will also show of the latest entertainment format - 360 video for VR in banners at movie and entertainment sites. With the launch people will get access to the BlockbusterCreator tool were people can build and share thel video store of their home town - or why not a virtual video store inspired by the Batcave? With this concept Blockbuster would revive their brand and show the world that we can bring back great memories and at the same time take a big leap into the future! 
Blockbuster. Back - and into the future.